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Founded in January 2023, Arisa Art and Technology is a BC Benefit Company focused on creating an artistic Extended Reality (VR and WebXR) application that promotes wellness. Arisa aims to foster inclusivity in the field of digital media through the collaborative creation of art and wellness experiences. We strongly believe in the power of immersive art experiences, which is why we embrace XR as our primary medium. By pushing the boundaries of art forms, such as audiovisual art installations, we offer unique, interactive, immersive, and innovative experiences.

The Arisa wellness application helps individuals achieve and maintain good mental health through mindfulness practices, such as mindful listening and observation, by interacting with art installations. British Columbians are currently facing numerous challenges and changes after the pandemic including health and financial issues, which has increased anxiety. According to a survey by Pacific Blue Cross, 43 per cent of people in BC score their mental health to be fair to poor, compared to just 19 per cent before the pandemic. We believe that now is the time to take action for humanity. Promoting mental health and well-being is one of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals to be achieved by 2030.

At Arisa, we constantly push artistic boundaries by creating distinctive narratives and environments that transport viewers to new dimensions of art. Our goal is to enrich the world of digital media by exploring mindfulness practices and promoting human well-being. Together, we are driving a new era of artistic innovation and cultural enrichment.

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